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Safety First

  • Start slowly and progress sensibly. Consult your physician before starting any new workout routine.
  • Create a safe, open space for your home workout.
  • Use equipment only as it is intended and when maintained in good condition.

Exercise Props!

  • Stability (fitness or balance) Ball: For most participants, a 55cm is ideal, taller people or if using the ball as a chair consider the 65cm size. Make sure the ball comes with a pump if you don’t have one already. We like the SPRI brand because it’s highly-durable and true to size, but Gaiam, TRX, Dynapro and GalSports get good reviews.
  • Bender Ball: this 6-9" air filled ball is great for core based exercise. Alternate brands sell similar products. A rolled bath towel may work for some exercises or a child's kickball/soccer ball, but use caution as these are not all designed to withstand body weight.
  • BOSU balls. Standard sizes retail for $120-$140. Make sure you have a pump or one is included in your purchase. Smaller version is available for $100. Or for a lower price balance tool consider the much smaller Dyna Disc for about $20.
  • SPRI Resistance Bands SPRI bands have easy grip handles. Flat bands can also be used. Resistance level "green" is often used for small muscle groups; "red and blue" for larger muscle strength training. If you will be using the band frequently consider investing in a SPRI Braided Xertube, these braided tubes are more durable than the single tube band.
  • Loop Bands: These bands are a closed loop, typically 2"-4" wide and 12"-16" long. They are flat and come in a variety of resistances. They are often inexpensive; durability vearies by product. Consider this Fit Simplify multi-pack on Amazon or this SPRI multi-pack. If you have a long, flat band you can tie a knot in it to create your closed loop.
  • Dumbbells: consider an adjustable set to accommodate all your fitness needs. Or select a light set (2-5lbs each) and a heavy set (8-15lbs each). Check out options at a local retailer to avoid shipping fees or use home-made options like soup cans, a sock filled with loose change, a milk or laundry detergent jug filled with water (approx. 8lbs) or a backpack filled with books or bags of flour. Medicine balls or sand-bells may also be available in limited quantities. Or for heavy lifting a bag of rock salt (typically 20-50lbs).


  • Yoga Mat, Classic mat, 1/4 inch thickness
  • Home-made option try using a large bath towel or non-slip slipper socks. Creating a non-slip surface is key to success.
  • Yoga Blocks, Gaiam Yoga Block
  • Gaiam Yoga Block and Strap Set or Gaiam Yoga Block Two Pack and Strap set
  • Home-made option for yoga blocks, typically 4”x 6” x 9” try a rolled bath towel for soft support on seated stretches or a low stepstool or bag of flour for extension of the arms during standing poses. Stability is essential this these items and they should be used only as balance assistance, never to support your full body-weight.
  • Home-made options for yoga straps, try a long belt or two neck ties knotted together.
  • Thicker mat, 1/2 inch thickness, great if extra support is needed for your joint cushioning when seated on the floor. Try folding a blanket in half or placing a large bath towel on top of your yoga mat.

  • Learn more about setting up a safe Yoga space in the Workout from Om news story.

Myofascial and Trigger Point Tools

Foam Rollers

Massage Ball

Additional Tools

Egonomic Workstation Tools

Sunway Footrest

3M Vertical laptop stand

Contour portable laptop stand

  • A bit less stable
  • Discount code for 10% off and free shipping: MPT10
  • Would work well for travel as it fits well in a backpack or briefcase

Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard

  • Can get this from other websites without the mouse for a lower price.
  • There are other standard keyboards for lower prices, but this one recommended as most of my clients/patients give me excellent feedback on this specific model

Outdoor Cycle Tools

Keep Moving with the TC Fit team!