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Slay Your Spring

Slay Your Spring: Monday, April 5th through Sunday, April 18th, 2021

This two-week workout plan offers a balanced mix of strength, cardio, and stretch challenging you to advance your fitness level. Monday through Thursday participate in live-stream group fitness classes (class schedule and Zoom info here). Friday through Sunday complete self-guided and recorded activity. Find the recorded workouts and class replays on the YouTube/TC Fit, Slay Your Spring workout playlist!

  • Set your personal goal! The challenge schedule is intense, but designed to safely, guide you to work harder than you are use too. Exercise may be difficult but should never be painful. Listen to your body and shorten workout intensity or duration as needed.
  • New to exercise? Take more rest days and/or use trainer-instructed modifications when needed.
  • Unable to attend live? Workouts are recorded and posted to YouTube/TC Fit, Slay Your Spring workout playlist!