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Fall Into Fitness

September 22, 2013

Find the 3 C’s:
Commitment– Put exercise time into your calendar like any other meeting or appointment.  Convenience– Choose a gym nearby or a realistic time of day so that you wouldn’t be tempted to skip-out on your workout.  Consistency– Reaching your fitness goals requires consistent repetition.
Take Advantage of the Weather:
Take in the beautiful scenery while finding new walking or hiking trails.  You can go at it alone or if you’re a social exerciser there are plenty of weekend 5K walks, runs, and races during the lovely fall season.
Find YOUR Motivation:
Everyone is motivated differently.  Try finding a visible place to write down what motivates you such as your bathroom mirror, nightstand or car stereo so you’ll see it often.  No matter your goal, having a highly visual reminder can increase your level of motivation. 
The 30 Day Rule:
It takes the body at least four weeks to begin to mentally and physically adapt to lifestyle changes. Give yourself 30 consistent days then revel at your progress.  Typically TC Fit trainers tell their clients to expect to feel stronger after at least three weeks of consistent exercise.

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