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Fitness FUNdamentals in 2017

December 30, 2016

TC Fit is focusing on fundamental movement in 2017.  Learn more about some of the most common movements and exercises in fitness.  Check out the video tutorials on TC Fit's YouTube channel. 

The first focus of TC Fit's FUNdamentals series is the hip hinge.  This movement is the foundation of exercises like the Deadlift and Kettle Bell Swing. Additionally, the hip hinge is efficient for functional movements like lifting a couch or heavy box off the floor.  Learn more about the hip hinge here

TC Fit Fitness Specialist, Esteban, also discusses the basics of the plank and push-up.  These are two staple exercises in many different types of group classes and fitness or performance programs. When done correctly the plank and push-up can improve core and upper body strength.  

The next exercise in TC Fit's FUNdamentals series is the lunge.  This multi-joint movement increases lower body strength and improves balance and coordination.  Esteban breaks down the lunge here

The row, a key upper body exercise, is the fifth focus of the FUNdamentals series.  This exercise involves upper body and core strength along with spatial awareness. A well performed row contributes to healthy shoulders and potentially improved posture.   

The final movement focus of TC Fit's FUNdamentals series is the squat.  This is a keystone human movement.  As we age this movement is contributes to maintaining easy of daily activities and independence.  A correctly executed squat will build strength and power of the entire body.