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Andrea Potyondy-Smith

Andrea Potyondy-Smith specializes in myofascial release techniques. In the simplest terms, the fascia is the connective tissue layer under skin, and above muscle. Treatments on the fascia can range from very subtle and gentle, to more intense, "Rolfing-style."  Andrea aims to incorporate a variety of modalities and customize each massage therapy session to the client's individual needs. 

Andrea is a graduate of Blue Sky School of Massage in Wisconsin and has nearly twenty years of experience in the massage therapy field. Her advanced training includes Connective Tissue Massage (CMT), neuromuscular therapy and Cranial-Sacral Therapy. Additionally, she is certified in Orthopedic and Clinical Rehabilitative Massage with Whitney Lowe/NCBTMB. Andrea enjoys helping clients improve mobility, manage chronic pain and perform at their athletic peak. 

  • Find Andrea at Motion St. Paul on Thursdays
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