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Massage Therapy

TC Fit has teamed up with Studio U!!

The TC Fit team is excited to announce expanded massage therapy and personal training services, thanks to a new a partnership with Studio U! Our shared values of professional excellence and personalized wellness programming are central to our collaborative mission and success. We look forward to serving you at this new location!

Conveniently located next to the Shops at West End in St. Louis Park, Studio U is a private fitness studio with a modern ambiance. Check out these directions to help your first visit go smoothly. 


Keep your employees healthy and happy

Due to the growing acceptance and availability of massage therapy in the workplace, more employees than ever are reaping the benefits associated with it.  Companies, in turn, experience the benefits of happier, healthier employees.  When using TC Fit massage therapy services you can expect:

  • Experienced, professional, certified therapists
  • Chair or table massage options available for scheduling
  • Individual or event services
  • A customized event to meet the needs of your corporate culture
  • Upfront explanations of event protocol and fees

Contact to learn more about bringing massage therapy to your workplace.

More about massage therapy:

  • Massage therapy is the manipulation of a body's soft tissue. Professional therapists should work within your comfort zone and personal preferance, applying pressure directly to the skin or over light clothing.
  • According to the American Massage Therapy Association 2016 consumer survey, 71% of consumers agree massage therapy should be considered a form of health care; up from 61% in 2012.
  • More than 20% of Americans adults receive at least one massage each year. The primary reason people receive massage is for medical or health reasons, including pain management, injury rehabilitation, migraine control or overall wellness.