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Workout from “Om”

September 2, 2020

Join the TC Fit team as we feature September Yoga classes and workout from “Om.” Yoga offers a mental and physical reset for our bodies. The practice of yoga can be modified to a variety of fitness levels and is a great option for people returning to exercise or those of us needing a movement break during our workday. With regular practice yoga can help increase our stamina, strength, and flexibility. 

Yoga: Safety first when exercising from home!

  • Start slowly and progress sensibly. If you have underlying health conditions consult your physician before starting any new workout routine.
  • Create an open area in your home. The space should allow you to extend your arms and legs in every direction and allow you to step both forward and backward.
  • Exercise on a non-slip surface. Use a yoga mat or non-slip slipper socks for yoga. Wear athletic shoes when completing traditional or high-intensity exercises.
  • Many yoga and workout routines can be completed using only your body weight. Or keep a yoga block, bolster, or yoga strap nearby for assisting poses and stretches.
  • Check out this TC Fit resource page for additional home exercise props and equipment purchase suggestions.

Live-Steam Free Class Schedule

View the Zoom meeting info on the group fitness page. All class times posted in CDT.

  • Strong and Stretch, Mondays 11am. Strength sequences, using free weights and/or long band, paired with Yoga.
  • Yoga, Mondays 4:30pm. End your day with movement, stretching and relaxation.  All levels welcome!
  • Bodyweight HIIT, Tuesdays 12pm. Cardio and strength movements using your own bodyweight!
  • Pilates, Wednesdays 10am. Improve posture and strength by challenging abdominal muscles.
  • Rock Your Body, Thursdays 12pm. Three blocks of exercises, each block includes: three strength exercises, three-minutes moderate intensity cardio and a one-minute anaerobic cardio challenge!  Mix of bodyweight, free weights and long fitness band will be used. Alternating focus areas each week: upper body (9/10 and 9/24) and lower body (9/17 and 10/1).
  • View recorded classes at YouTube/ TC Fit

Wellness Wednesdays Q&A Series

If you have a wellness question, someone else is likely wondering the same thing! Ask your question or just listen-in for wellness tips and tricks during these live-stream sessions lead by members of the TC Fit team. Ask during the open forum or submit in advance at

  • Yoga!
  • ***new date: September 23rd, 12pm CDT 
  • 25-minute open forum. Join us on a Microsoft Teams meeting
  • Will yoga make me flexible? What is the difference between the popular styles Ashtanga, Yin, Power and Hot yoga? How can I start doing yoga from home? Join Kelsey Ottum, certified YogaFit instructor and the TC Fit wellness team in a discussion about Yoga! Learn the basic who, what, when, why and how-to of this popular workout. Plus ask your questions! 
  • Movement for Spine Health and Posture
  • September 30th, 12pm CDT
  • 25-minute open forum. Join the Teams meeting
  • What is good posture? How does the pelvis "tilt?" What is a bulging disc and is that causing my back pain? Is sitting on a stability ball good for me? Join Orthopedic Certified Physical Therapist Maggie Henjum and Ergonomist Matt Arbeiter as they share the basics of spinal anatomy and discuss movement tips for your spine. Plus we answer your questions!

Virtual Personal Training and Onsite Massage Therapy services continue this fall. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility during these ever-changing times! We are here for you in whatever capacity you need and appreciate your support of our small-business and employees.