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August fitness events designed to help you start, grow or maintain healthy exercise habits!

July 31, 2020

Group Fitness – new class start times!

Classes now start at the top of the hour allowing you to mold your muscles then return to your workstation in 25-minutes or less! Find the Zoom meeting information listed on the TC Fit Live-streaming events page.

  • Strength Express: Mondays at 11am, Exercise designed to push your muscle strength & endurance limits in a fast-paced, efficient workout.
  • The class schedule lists what equipment to gather prior to the start of your workout. Considering purchasing equipment for home? The TC Fit team lists a few suggestions for fitness props.
  • Power Pilates: Wednesday, August 5th & 19th at 10am, Pilates emphasizes alignment of the pelvis and spine and incorporates conscious breathing. This class offers a chance to check-in and correct muscle imbalances through core-focused, low-impact movements.
  • Body-weight HIIT: Thursdays at 12pm, High Intensity Interval training offers a quick and effective full-body workout. Cardio and strength exercises using your bodyweight for resistance. Optional props: stable chair and a towel or paper plates for gliding movements.
  • On-demand classes
  • Find the latest class video links at Facebook/TC Fit
  • View past class playlists on YouTube/TC Fit


Share the Sweat!  Small Group Training

Gather a small group, 2-4 people, and schedule a virtual workout lead by a TC Fit certified personal trainer. Sweat, socialize, and share the exercise experience from the safety of your own home! The workout will be customized to meet your group’s goals, fitness levels and utilize the equipment you have available. Sixty-minute sessions for $100 (30 and 45-minute pro-rated sessions also available). Email info@TCFit for more info or to schedule. Virtual personal training (30 or 60-minute, one-on-one) available too! Learn more and schedule personal training sessions on MindBody/TC Fit.


Wellness Q&A – we’ve moved to Teams!

If you have a wellness question, someone else is likely wondering the same thing! Ask your question or just listen-in for wellness tips and tricks during these live-stream sessions lead by members of the TC Fit team. Submit your question in advance at or in the live chat. Find the Teams meeting info listed in the TCFit Live-Streaming Events page.

  • Workout Intensity and Heart Rate Training Zones, August 5th at 12pm
  • Ever wonder if you are working out too hard? Or if your daily walk is keeping your heart healthy? Join TC Fit's fitness pros as we discuss ways to measure and adjust your workout intensity, offer suggestions for adjusting your workout when wearing a mask, plus learn how to calculate your heart rate training zones.
  • N.E.A.T Activity and Move More Tips, August 19th at 12pm
  • How much should I be moving each day? What can I do to move more when I am working from home? Movement throughout the day has benefits for your ergonomics, your health, and your mental focus.  Join the TC Fit fitness pros as we discuss tips and tricks to keep you active all day long with Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT activities).


Massage Therapy

  • Schedule on TC Fit/MindBody or contact
  • Learn more about our Motion Minnetonka and Studio U, St. Louis Park partner locations
  • Safety is our first priority. Please note the following precaustions in place for all in-person appointments.
  • All clients and trainers must wear a mask prior to entering the facility and during the duration of their visit (this includes massage therapy sessions).
  • Appointments are required and no friends or family are allowed in the building.
  • If you have had any symptoms of illness or think you may have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 refrain from in-person appointments at this time.
  • See additional information about COVID-19 policies here.


We want to hear from you!

  • Share your questions, suggestions and post event feedback by emailing
  • Meet the TC Fit team at